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Shroud is Released


Shroud was written and directed by David Jetre and produced by Edgar Pitts.

The film stars Nicole Leigh Jones, G. Russell Reynolds, Morgana Shaw, Charles Baker, Larry Jack Dotson, Chad Briley, Dylan Barth and Jodie Moore.

Read the unabridged version of the script here:

Victoria Celestine (Nicole Leigh Jones) braves a transatlantic journey from Holland to America to search for her missing husband. Accompanied by her young brother Abraham she discovers Shroud—a ghost town deep in the Arizona Territory. There she unravels a conspiracy involving a misplaced Mayor (G. Russell Reynolds), his wife (Morgana Shaw), a renegade marshal (Jodie Moore) and his posse of cruel Confederate defectors.

With history wrapped in superstition and murders masked by myth, Lady Celestine reveals the grisly secret of a dead Spanish Conquistador, a heretic hanged, and the 300-year old Apache legend of an abomination that feeds on innocence.

Production Company: Jetrefilm Entertainment (
Format: NTSC, Dolby, Subtitled
Subtitles: English Rated:
Unrated Run Time: 101 minutes
Average Customer Review: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5 stars)

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Nicole Leigh Jones

Shroud DVD Sleeve

Nicole Leigh Jones is a remarkably talented Dallas-based actor which we had the privilege of working with on our first feature film, the Civil War thriller Shroud.  The film also stars G. Russell Reynolds (Chuck, Prison Break), Charles Baker (Breaking Bad), Morgana Shaw (I Love You Phillip Morris, Dr. T and The Women) and Larry  Jack Dotson (Deep in the Heart).

In Shroud, Nicole plays Lady Victoria Celestine, a Dutch wife who travels to Civil War America to find her missing husband only to discover the creature responsible for his murder: Cinecusa, a former foot soldier cursed by the conquistador Francisco Coronado
three hundred years earlier.

Nicole brought not only a commanding beauty to the role, but also an elegance, fashion and femininity so often sacrificed these days in the pursuit of female action roles.

Shroud is a prequel to a famous 19th century novel of international acclaim.

Despite our ruthlessly modest budget, the grueling schedule, and the demands of so complex a character, Nicole displayed consummate professionalism through every hardship. Throughout our multiple locations across the great state of Texas, pistol training, hatchet fighting, fight choreography, swordplay, a dozen wardrobe changes including medieval plate armor and shield, Nicole brought a calm dedication to her work, the set, and her fellow actors and crew.

I have worked with Nicole now on three different projects and remain quite impressed with her hard work, punctuality, professionalism, range and charm.  She is a talented actor capable of virtually anything you throw at her, and we expect to see a great many more achievements from her in the coming years.

Thanks, Nicole.

See Nicole in our Official Trailer for Shroud: