Reviews of Your Work

Any published artist invariably has to deal with reviews.

The thing to remember about reviewers is that they are human. That is to say some are brilliant, others purely emotional. Some reviews are intelligent, nuance and constructive while others are faulty and crude. Still others are pure mercenaries who write what someone tells them to write.

A review is an opinion—a claim—and like any claim it must be remembered it can be right, wrong or purely vengeful.

Some people are easy to please, others are impossible please. Some people are genuinely interested in submitting an analysis of both the good and bad of whatever is being reviewed—sculpture, music, gymnastic routine, films, television, theater, orchestras—in an effort to improve the artist while others simply enjoying appearing aloof while raining derision down on those over whom they wrongly assume they lord.

As the artist you know your work better than anyone. When you get a review, good or bad, you can immediately tell what is the fawning praise of your friends and family, the legitimate critiques of your peers, Internet spite and even the transparent personal attack.

There is no industry as rife with emotionalism as the entertainment industry. Sadly emotions skew stronger and deeper in the negative on those they rule than in the positive. I have seen and heard of grudges and rivalries that have broiled for years over the briefest of incidences and the most fragile of egos.

Just know your best reviews are probably from your friends and colleagues and your worst ones are from people you have surpassed long ago in their own trade. The Internet is the last dull weapon that people who cannot otherwise hurt you have available to them.

If and when you read your reviews the tone will tell you everything you really need to know about the reviewer.

Listen to great men and ignore the small ones.


~ by David Jetre on February 7, 2013.

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