Just a quick word on auditions…

Know what you are want before your open your auditions, but be flexible and let the good actors deliver performances outside your expectations.

Here’s the important thing:

If they cannot do it at the audition, they cannot do it on set.

Too many times I’ve been told “oh, I’ll bring the thunder on set” and that statement is about 25% true.

75% of the time you are being lied to.

You don’t need to make the actor hit the hardcore emotional zenith of the character’s arc in the very first audition, but in the call backs when you are narrowing it down to 2-3 candidates, expect them to prepare for whatever scene is the dealmaker, and demand full energy, full emotion, full performance.

If they still put you off, get rid of them.

The world is far too full of liars to have to manage another one on set.

In short, if they cannot do it before the movie, they will not be able to do in the movie.

And it is your job as the filmmaker/director/producer to know what your actors are capable of before either of you ever set foot on set.


~ by David Jetre on February 14, 2010.

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