Jetrefilm in 2010

With our first film Shroud done a new investment package for our second film will be forthcoming in early 2010. 

As the scale of our films increase, new national and international investors will be teamed with our current stable of financers to ensure the most profitable configuration can be achieved, including Hollywood talent, superior equipment, theatrical qualifications and grander visions.   

Principally, a genuine theatrical release will enable our second film to enter far many more cabled-oriented markets than our first straight-to-DVD model allowed.

With certain properties, dialogs will be opened with senior Hollywood producers (some of whom have already expressed interest), development departments, as well as recognizable A & B-list  Hollywood talent to move our film catalog into alignment with major West Coast forces.  

As with any level of ambition, we have no desire to stay in the shallow waters of low-budget independent film, but have prepared ourselves to play with the major studios in the coming years.

Over the past year we have measured our successes, reviewed our mistakes and adjusted for them, expanded our responses, added to our resources, software, hardware, technologies and specialists, and stand ready to hit our second film running.

Obviously, the sooner we can begin filming in 2010 the quicker we bring our second property to market and move on to our third.

Stay the course.

David Jetre
Writer | Producer | Director | Designer | |


~ by David Jetre on December 11, 2009.

One Response to “Jetrefilm in 2010”

  1. Well, at least someone will be doing something worthwhile in Hollywood.

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