The Alinear Inspiration of an Artist

Just a little insight into the inner working’s of an artist’s mind.

Artists do not always (though they can be coerced) operate in a linear fashion like most business people.   In addition to operating in unique planes of inspirational dexterity, the artist is slavishly dedicated to that quickening spark — that endless inspiration — that comes at its will, not the artist’s.

As a consequence, artists don’t always operate in a lockstep, but rather dream and design in leaping productions and neatly knit everything together in the end.  For this reason, it is very difficult for artists to articulate their grand vision to less creative souls who are constantly worrying why the enumerated points of “the plan” aren’t being executed one after the other.

Whereas necessary, most artists nevertheless consider such successive order dreary, dull and weak.  Artists move according to ethereal imperatives.  It has been said artists do not create, they simply channel.  That’ll work for now.

So, be patient with the artist in your life.  They are not ignoring you.  They are probably just working on something huge, magnificent and bewildering.


~ by David Jetre on December 2, 2008.

One Response to “The Alinear Inspiration of an Artist”

  1. Big idea guys are wise to partner us with those that are detailed oriented. As we all know the devil is in the details.

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