Notes on Editing

Editing can either the most frustrating or the easiest process to a film, depending on how competently the film was shot.

Either way editing is where you movie comes to life.  And it is the most creative part of the film finishing process.  There are lots of ways to edit a film and you need to be sure you have entrusted your work to a thematically competent editor who understands mood, tension, pacing and scene punctuation.

Most importantly, find an editor who thinks and feels like you do, who understands and can improve upon your scenes with appropriate contractions of dialog, beat-oriented cuts, intelligent transitions.

Editing is hard and remains one of the hardest disciplines of any film.

Like all aspects of filmmaking, you will spend the rest of your life getting better at it.

Cut and re-cut but know when to let it go.


~ by David Jetre on November 22, 2008.

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